What causes an Anterior pelvic tilt?

The anterior pelvic tilt is commonly caused by excessive sitting. while in the seated position,

your hip flexor muscles become very tight from being in their shortened position.

When the hip flexors become tight they pull down the pelvic, which causes a forward tilt. tight hip flexors also keep the gluteus muscles from working efficiently,

which causes the hamstring to compensate for the lack of use, which in turn causes them to become overworked

(the root cause of tight hamstrings may be anterior pelvic tilt.)

The anterior pelvic tilt is also caused due to the presence of weak abdominal muscles, the abs become loose and stretched, which makes the pelvis tilt even more.

This may result in the false conclusion of having too much fat around the abdominal region because your belly sticks out more due to anterior pelvic tilt.

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