Anterior pelvic tilt braces are harmful – Why you should never use them

Lately, I have been seeing advertisements for braces that are supposed to help you with your anterior pelvic tilt. But can these posture braces actually help you with Anterior pelvic tilt(APT)


Body Posture braces can help you deload some of your muscles while u wear them. They can temporarily improve your Posture while u wear it but permanent change is not possible.

Remember any time you have something passive holding your body it means that your neuromuscular system isn’t doing it and it doesn’t need to anymore. 

Those muscles that would have held you back are now being held by the braces and the concerned muscles will quickly atrophy and start deconditioning.

So even if a brace gives you some temporary relief, It can not be a permanent solution, It’s always better to condition the body by stretching and strengthening the muscles as opposed to relying on external influence.

Another important matter is that most of these ‘braces’ that you see online are made for fixing shoulder posture issues, and not created for fixing APT.

Posture braces cannot permanently fix your anterior pelvic tilt

Yes, there are 

Alternative to Braces

Instead of buying  

Instead of buying, one could set up an ergonomic workspace, 


If anyone is saying that braces can fix APT then they are trying to sell you something. Please beware and don’t buy unnecessary things to fix

What are your opinions on these? 

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